When I was in college, my burning dreamt was to become successful one. To achieve this dream, I excelled in my studies and even became the president of an organization. However, I realized that success is not found in material things or in achievements. Success was far beyond having awards and financial stability. I remembered the reaction of one my friend when he told me; “Are you stupid?” when he learned I gave up my course as BS in Agriculture and entered a religious life. It is sometimes hard to understand God’s directions. When I responded to his call and became a full- time seminarian, I thought everything would run smoothly. However, I found it so difficult being away from my family and away from my comfort zones. I began to ask myself if I made the right decision. I failed to understand the things that mattered most – my service and commitment to God, and more importantly, my answer to His call. It took months in the seminary before I began to comprehend the beauty of what was happening in my life. Definitely, in the seminary I have noticed a big change’s in my existence. I know how to develop into a real personality, to be enfolded with the teaching of my Formator and live in the life of Christ, escalating my moral values and most especially my religious aspect as well love and reliance to Jesus Christ. I guaranteed these virtues to totally give in the authority of God’s word then I believe that to be an authentic person will surely follow. I’m glad of these changes that assist me to realize the beauty of life with the presence of God. It is learning to be acquainted with my weaknesses and shortcomings. It is that blissful appreciation of the relationship with one particular community which I cross the threshold and recognize my own strength and persona. I firmly believe that life is a matter of choices. The most difficult choices are the ones between the world and God. It’s so much easier to choose pleasure rather than pain, a life of ease rather than of sacrifice. But I have fallen in love with the Lord, and this has taught me to surrender my all to Him.

My life has been freed from much of the worries in this world, now that I have experience the joy of service and of giving my time to my Christian community. But in spite of all the blessings that God had given to me, there is one thing that I have been refusing to accept. I am afflicted with an illness that my stomach is always complaining. I was diagnosed last August of a chronic gastritis (Thanks God wala na). I also experience intermittent fever and I fell tired all the time. I have been asking the Lord why I got this sickness.while I’m young and there’s just so much in this world that’s out there waiting for me to discover. Again and again, I would ask Him the same question “Lord, why me?”

He gave me my answer. Now I realized that I am still blessed in spite of the hardship I have to go through and the sacrifices I have to make. There’s no reason for me to doubt because He has made me feel secure and complete. I will take up my cross and continue to walk towards the Lord.

Nevertheless, commitment needs a process, it is not only an overnight venture it takes a gradual growth but indeed, commitment finds its fullness only in God. Sometimes we are afraid if the things that we have will be gone, the things that was valuable, the things that gave us happiness, the things that gave us security and the status of society. Now a day, this world that God created no longer reflects the beauty and majesty of its creator. It is not an easy one to live in. There is much poverty, conflict and pollution. There is widespread of selfishness, injustice and oppression.

We live in a busy world. We are concerned with family, work and other aspects of our life. But when we become committed to God, we become even busier with the activities and services but in Him we can find the fullness of our life. We can see the ultimate reality that God loves the world, has redeemed his children, and will establish the fullness of his kingdom at the appointed time. And I publicly affirm that God’s way are truly marvelous, and indeed, truly the best.


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